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Electronic enclosure

Electronic enclosure

By Anaheim Electronics

  • Designed to host a single electronic board
  • Designed for 3D printing
  • Closed with compliant latches or screws

A simple container designed for electronic boards, possibly populated on both sides.

Designed for 3D printing (gentle overhangs, minimal to no support material).

Latches enable to access the board without tools and make the design more compact. Disabling latches, the lid will be secured with screws of the same diameter of those for the board.

Machine The component will be designed to the chosen machine specifications =
Material Only the selected materials will be considered for the design =
PLA +2
Hole distance x Distance between mounting holes, x direction = mm
Hole distance y Distance between mounting holes, y direction = mm
Screw d Diameter of all screws used in this component = mm
Board t Thickness of the board = mm
Clearance below Distance between the bottom of the board and the bottom of the enclosure = mm
Clearance above Distance between the top of the board to bottom surface of the lid = mm
Clearance x Distance between the hole and the wall, in the x direction = mm
Clearance y Distance between the hole and the wall, in the y direction = mm

Max tx Maximum thickness of walls (including any protrusions, like latches or screw ) in the x direction mm
Max ty Maximum thickness of walls (including any protrusions) in the y direction mm
Max th Maximum thickness of the lid/bottom plates (including any protrusions) mm
Use latch Turn on if the enclosure should be closed by latches, off to use screws =
Vertical load Minimum load which must be supported by the lid/bottom. Considered distributed evenly across the surface. N
Screw clearance Empty space around the screw, reserved for support material = mm
Fillet r Internal fillet radius = mm
Mass Component mass will not exceed this value kg
Temp min Will work down to min temperature or lower °C
Temp max Will work up to max temperature or above it °C

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Nozzle d Nozzle diameter. If possible, features thickness will be chosen as a multiple of this value. = mm
Min layer t Minimum layer thickness. Smallest height which ensures good quality. = mm
Min w Minimum width which ensure a good quality print. This is the thinnest wall you can print. = mm
Min tol Minimum tolerance. The smallest value x such that a cylinder of diameter d will fit in a hole of diameter d+x. = mm
Pip tol Print-in-place tolerance: defined as Minimum tolerance, but with the cylinder printed inside the hole. = mm
Printer bed size x Size of the printing bed = mm
Printer bed size y Size of the printing bed, perpendicular to x = mm
Printer max h Maximum height for a printed part = mm
Max bridge Max length for a bridge = mm
Max overhang Max overhang angle, measured from the vertical (90 deg is horizontal). = deg

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