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Create fully functional components to 3D print

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SOL75 interface

Built-in library

Leverage other people expertise

For your 3D printer

Customize the design on your 3D printer specifications

With your materials

Adjust the component for the materials you have

Function first

Set geometric and functional requirements

Bill of materials

Quickly check what parts you need

Detailed handbook

Review how the component was engineered

How it works

Requirements go in, components come out

Choose a component

Find what you need in the library or create it

Set your requirements

SOL75 will handle the nitty-gritty engineering for you

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The bill of materials, handbook and 3D files are ready to download

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A software for

Engineers and makers with more ideas than time

Trying something new?

If some requirements seem too technical, that's ok. You will find a short description of what they are, and if your input don't make sense, SOL75 will show you how to fix them.

SOL75 helper


Domain expert?

You can verify the solution by yourself. The download will include a handbook detailing how the component was designed and the suggested printer settings.

SOL75 handbook
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Why SOL75 stands out

Beyond parametric design

Parametric CADs are great, but they are mostly limited to geometric customization. They let you design the shape of an object, setting parameters like height or width, but not its performance. To satisfy functional constraints, like mass or breaking point, you need some mechanical knowledge. SOL75 goes beyond parametric design. With mechanical expertise at its core, it creates a custom component that satisfies both geometric and functional requirements.

components examples
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